Learn more about the Belt and Road initiatives impact on:

Learn more about the Belt and Road initiatives impact on:

  • Arabian gulf government and policy making, and how it will impact the public sector 
  • UAE economy, specifically its impact on trade, investment, industrial production, energy and finance sectors. 
  • Business sectors specially those operating in the infrastructure, investment, finance, energy & supply lines and industrial production. 
  • The geo-economic order in the Arabian Gulf 
  • Arabian gulf culture 

Connect with key stakeholders who will expand your organizational network in the:

  • Local and regional government and public policy sector 
  • Local and regional economic policy making circle 
  • Local and regional business community  
  •  Local and regional strategic and geo-economics thought leaders 
  • Local and regional cultural establishments 

Build and establish organizational relationship, that advances your organisation’s strategic objectives with:

  • Government and public policy sector officers 
  • Economic policy makers 
  • Trade, investment, Industrial production, energy & supply, and finance sector key business leaders 
  • Geo-strategic and geo-economic though leaders 
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