Belt and Road Initiative Forum 2019 is a unique platform for all those concerned with policy making, economic development, business expansions and cultural exchange. This highly focused gathering provides the ideal platform to stay up-to-date with the latest policy development, economic development lucrative business and cultural opportunities.

Belt and Road Initiative Forum 2019 will bring together government officials, economic policy makers, key business leaders, expert strategic thinkers and cultural specialists.

Who you will meet:

  • Government authorities 
  • Regulatory bodies  
  • Economic policy makers  
  • Port & free zone operators
  • Key infrastructure industry leaders
  • Key Investment industry leaders 
  • Key finance, banks and credit industry leaders
  • Key energy & energy supply lines industry leaders
  • Key manufacturing industry leaders
  • Geo-economic and geo-strategic thought leaders
  • Cultural consultant 

Who should sponsor:

Companies offering the following services and solutions should consider sponsorship opportunities at the Belt and Road Forum 2019: 

  • Port & free zone operators  
  • Infrastructure developers – roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, port constructors 
  • Key logistics companies which include materials handling, shipping, inventory, transportation, cargo, fright and warehousing companies  
  • Fright and cargo companies  
  • Key investment companies in Manager of Manager (MoM), Money Manager, Investment Manager, Funds Management, Discretionary Investment and Managed Money investments firms
  • Key banking and financial services companies
  • Key oil & energy companies and oil & energy supply lines industry leaders 
  • Key cement, steel, aluminium, chemicals, fuels, plastics and raw materials manufacturing companies 
  • Free Trade Zones operators and those operating within the FTZ 
  • Strategic, geostrategic brain trust and research institutes.
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